Duke Cannon Big American Bourbon Soap


  • unique, oak barrel scent is masculine and outstanding, but not overpowering
  • Yes, there really is delicious Bourbon Trace Bourbon in this soap.
  • 10 oz brick
  • 2-3X the size of, common dainty soaps
  • Made in America

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The Duke Cannon Supply Co. Big American Bourbon Soap is a pairing between Duke Cannon and Buffalo Trace Bourbon to produce a soap with a rich oak barrel scent with just enough subtle hints of bourbon. You wouldn’t want to smell too much like bourbon, now would you? The crisp rich amber scent brings to mind a time when the leaves begin to change colors and the air is brisk in the morning.

Keeping with the spirit of bourbon mash, Duke Cannon has mixed in little bits of ground corn into the bar to add an extra exfoliant into your washing regime.

A novel and practical gift for those bourbon aficionados in your life.

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