Duke Cannon Supply Co

Duke Cannon Gifts for Manly Men

Duke Cannon Supply Co. products are superior grade grooming goods for manly men. Their line of Big Ass Soaps are based on WWII era military specs and are equivalent of three standard bars with manly scents, no floral meadows here.

Accompanying Duke Cannon’s Military based line of Big Ass Soaps are Duke Cannon’s Big Ol’ Bar of Hunting Soap, Big Ass Beer Soap, Big American Bourbon Soap and Cold Shoulder Cooling Gel Soap. To make sure you don’t drop the soap be sure to grab Duke Cannon’s Tactical Soap on a Rope, designed to fit their manly bars.

Rounding out the grooming goods are Bloody Knuckles Skin Care, a hand cream for people who actually use their hands in their work, Duke Cannon’s Lip Balm in a stick so big there’s no way you’re losing it in your car and Duke Cannon’s Working Man’s Face Scrub designed to wash away those days of hard work outside.

The Bald Eagle, the Statue of Liberty, the Big Ass Brick of Soap are all symbols of American freedom and opportunity. Premium grooming needs for hard-working men. Proudly made in the USA…not China.

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