Liown Moving Flame Candles

Liown Moving Flame Candles give you the look and ambiance of a real wax candle without the worry of dripping wax or the danger of an open flame plus the added convenience of being remote controlled. Originally designed for Disney and their Haunted Mansion Ride these candles were eventually made available to the public with the same exacting standards.

“Moving Flame” is the trademarked name Liown uses to refer to its patented technology for electromagnetic movement of a flame-like shape, which reflects a light emitting diode (LED) for a realistic flame lighting device. Liown’s Moving Flame candles capture the essence of a real wick burning candle, emulating the dancing nature of the flame and providing the fragrance of a real wax candle. All of Liown’s wax candles are made of real, 100% paraffin wax which is free of impurities like lead, often found in candles made from recycled wax. Also, the LED color is customized to match a real burning flame, and each LED is set to a specific color range to ensure consistency from candle to candle. When you purchase a Liown flameless LED candle, you can be assured that you are getting the highest quality candle on the market today.

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