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Berger Paris is celebrating its 120th anniversary and to mark the occasion it has developed a highly sophisticated fragrance: ElŽgante Parisienne. A subtle scent with delicious, delicate fruit notes wrapped in a sensual, floral heart, this chypre accord, a classic of the Parisian woman, rests on a base of precious wood and white musks. The ultimate French touch combining elegance and timelessness with emotion, a boldly feminine scent that is powerful yet subtle – the home fragrance of an icon of French-style elegance.
Perfume secret:
ElŽgante Parisienne is a blend based on a classic in perfume-making: the gardenia. The gardenia is a small bush with highly scented white flowers. Originating from China, the gardenia grows in sunny temperate climates. Although it has a naturally rich, sweet scent, it cannot be captured using distillation techniques and therefore has to be reproduced using a meticulous combination of several other fragrances. This majestic flower is primarily used in luxury women’s fragrances where it adds a bold touch.
Expert tip:
A fragrance that is elegantly feminine, discrete, with a luxurious subtlety, ElŽgante Parisienne is sure to delight as it fills your home with its sophisticated scents.

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