Cider Mixes

Be ready for the changing seasons with Wind & Willow Cider Mixes. With three flavors to choose from, each mix will make you feel like it is Christmas morning.

Wind & Willow’s Original Mulled Cider Mix will take you back to your childhood. Sugar, cinnamon, cloves and other natural flavors make this the perfect treat to share as you snuggle in front of the fireplace. Caramel Apple Cider Mix combines two fall favorites: caramel apples and cider. Try topping it with whipped cream and caramel to create a new favorite autumn tradition. Finally, English Wassail Cider Mix is a balanced blend of cinnamon and spices with a hint of orange, the perfect component of a Christmas gift basket.

Making these mixes even more versatile, each box has an alternate recipe printed on the back. Try delicious Orange Spice Cookies, Incredible Apple Cake or a Caramel Apple Smoothie. The simplicity of the recipes and the decadent results produced make Wind & Willow mixes a must for any kitchen pantry.

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