Pecan Seasoning Mixes

Wind & Willow’s Roasted Pecan Seasoning Mixes are ready for the Holidays but make a great year-round treat. As easy as combining each mix with one egg white and pecans and baking for 22 minutes.

With the aroma that fills the kitchen, you’ll fall in love before you take the first bite. Once you pull them from the oven, the taste becomes the star of the show. Perfect on their own or in a salad, decorate a pumpkin pie, top ice cream or make an over-the-top snack mix by adding dried fruit and candies.

Each re-usable and biodegradable burlap bag contains two packets so you can make two batches. After the first batch, you’ll be glad you have one left.

Flavors include Cinnamon & Sugar, Caramel Apple and Cocoa & Cayenne.

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