Annabelle is back!

“I’m back! Retirement is not for me!” said Annabelle Hamachek.

In the Fall of 2014, Annabelle decided to close the doors of Annabelle’s Interiors, Inc., which also included Annabelle’s Gift and Accessory Shoppe. In June of this year, Annabelle came out of retirement to re-invent and re-open Annabelle’s Shoppe marking her 40th year in business in Clay County at the same location, 38 College Drive in Orange Park.

Annabelle is well educated in the world of Residential Interior Design. Graduated from the University of Mississippi she did her graduate work at the Chicago School of Interior Design while based in Chicago with American Airlines. She is a true Patriot and a Recruiter for the NRA.

“Closing the Shoppe was truly one of my really good decisions which probably didn’t seem so brilliant to me at the time”, said Annabelle, “as my life has revolved around my business and all the absolutely wonderful people I have come to know. These people have become my friends and many times my strength over the years. I have been very blessed.”

Closing the Shoppe gave Annabelle a chance to re-evaluate. Retirement turned out to be just a word, but not a reality. “I found I really wasn’t focused on anything having no deadlines or completion dates to meet. I was bored.”

Many things have certainly changed at Annabelle’s with the Shoppe more focused on Home Interiors, which is Annabelle’s true passion. You’ll still find Lampe Berger, Wind & Willow, Camille Beckman, Claire Burke, Candle Warmers and Trapp Candles, but now Interior Design is the focus with rooms, vignettes of furniture and home accessories to greet you at every turn.

“My passion is to help people pull their home together. I want customers to talk with me, to share their ideas down to the smallest detail. My work involves more than just moving furniture around. What I do is a profession, not a hobby. It requires an innate ability to listen to the client and hear what they are saying thereby taking the guideposts of interior design such as proportion, texture, scale and color and putting them all together to fulfill my client’s vision.”

Clients such as Karen and Bob Eiswerth are amazed as to how Annabelle makes the very best use of space and budget to benefit them as homeowners. “The Eiswerth’s are the dream client to me. As newlyweds with their first child, they decided to invest in furniture with an idea for their future furnishings and home,” said Annabelle. “Now as parents of adult children, Bob and Karen are busy updating their home with total renovations of their bathrooms, laundry room and, just recently, the kitchen. Wow, what a difference from the builder’s basic floor plan!”

Whether it’s a particular room in your home or working with the builder from the floor plan on up, perhaps it’s time for a room in your home to have a facelift. From wall and window coverings to flooring and lighting or furniture and accessories, Annabelle can work with you to achieve the look you want with quality to last a lifetime. Give Annabelle a call to schedule your consultation today at 904-272-5544.


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