A Call for Prayers

To say I am moved by everyone’s response to my requests for prayers for my friend Lou Rymza and my brother, Don, is truly an understatement. I am going to go a step further and share with you why I need your prayers for these two very special people. Right now I am going to focus on Lou and her very very rare cancer.

Lou became very interested in karate to the point that she excelled in self- defense techniques. So much so that she became an instructor as well as a strong tournament participant winning or at least placing in every contest. I recall her coming into the Shoppe and sharing with me that her shoulder and arm were beginning to cause her some pain in using them. Perhaps because I had to have my shoulder replaced, Lou thought I could shed some light on her pain. My instruction to her was to go have her arm seen by a specialist. She went to Mayo Clinic.

Today Lou will undergo the first of many surgeries. Today a team of doctors/top surgeons (11 in all) from all of the Mayo Clinics will operate on Lou to remove the nerves and check for any other cancer. After this exploratory surgery, of course depending on what is found, will be the second surgery to remove Lou’s left arm and shoulder. There can be no prosthesis as there will be no place to attach one.

Please understand how difficult this is for me to share with you. Just a week ago her son danced with Lou at his wedding. I could see the pain in her face as Robbie lifted his mother’s arm up to hold securely.

So now I am asking for one more favor along with your continued prayers. Would you mind sending Lou a card or two? I believe the cards could be just what the doctor ordered. I know these cards and prayers will be uplifting and also strengthening for her to know that so many are cheering for her and her family. Just think, so many people who are just now meeting this lovely lady for the first time will be praying for her and sending such warm words of encouragement.

Please send your cards for Lou in care of the Shoppe. I shall make sure that Lou receives the cards in a beautifully wrapped box with a brightly colored bow on it Perhaps we can help Lou as we focus on the power of prayer and help one of God’s humble servants through this trying time.

Send cards of support to
Lou Rymza c/o Annabelle’s
46 College Drive
Orange Park, FL 32065


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