It has just come to my attention that many of you do not vote in the Primary Election. Please be advised that the Primary Vote can be and, in many cases, is imperative as many elected positions are determined at this time. In other words, if any one or thing such as a Referendum, gets over 50% of the vote, the election is over. There is NO second chance.

Case in point … in a local election such as the Clay County School Board and the School Board Referendum now on the ballot, the final decision could easily be made with the primary vote. Also know that you who are Independents, etc. can vote in the primary for those positions not affiliated with a Party. Let me call your attention to those running for School Board. We, the voters, have the opportunity to replace the “Good Ole Boys” such as Kerekes, Bullock and Chafee, first-time run, but in the clique, and place new blood and ideas to handle the county’s educational crisis … yes, crisis!

Right now those who serve and are running again for School Board believe in Common Core, Unions, No Charter Schools, No Term Limits. One does not have to go to Washington D.C. to find the “Swamp” or better yet a “Sewage System” contaminated by those who have made a profession of running for office. Perhaps this is why there are so many signs in number and size for those who continue to increase their inventory of signage that appear to be everywhere because they have made it their profession to maintain a seat in an elected capacity.

The School Board Referendum — Do you, Clay County residents, understand that the Property Taxes are going up 6.34 Mil in one year? The Referendum is asking for another Mil = 7.34 Mil and for what? “To enhance the safety and security of students and staff AND provide for necessary operating expenses of the School District.” Once again we have truly no idea where the money is going to be used. Just because the word “Education” is used, we are put on a guilt trip to support the vote. Please understand the School District is already getting money from the first 6.34 Mil being added on to your property taxes plus the millage that is already being paid. Yet, another mil is requested only for the School Board. THINK ! THINK ! THINK !

Yes, we should take every step to protect our children. Isn’t it amazing that banks, office buildings, the NFL, the NBA, elite movie stars, jewelry stores have full protection, but our children do not? Any American school that needs immediate professional consultation and help with organizing and defining their own security solutions should call the NRA National School Shield Program. They will provide assistance absolutely FREE of charge.

Yes, I am a member in long standing with the NRA. I am also a Recruiter for the NRA. So allow me to share some information that the C.C. School Board is obviously unaware.

Because so many spend so much time trying to villainize the NRA, perhaps some schooling is necessary to educate the educators.

So before we the people are propagandized on false information, it would be wise to seek free information. It would be wise to seek free professional assistance before throwing out more money that, yes, goes down the sewer.

Bottom line – VOTE in the Primaries. God gave man one thing He gave no other creature – the ability to think, to reason. So clear out those little gray cells. Study the issues. Please don’t take the easy way out and either not vote or vote without thought and conscious. Get the facts. Understand how much your vote matters.

Annabelle E. Hamachek
Orange Park, Florida


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