Our thoughts on the 2018 Ballot

As promised, Deena and I have labored over the ballot, the 12 Amendments and, if you live in Clay County, the Charter Amendments included on the ballot for your vote November 6, 2018. Please understand that you may have a different interpretation of the Amendments, etc., but after investigating the history of all of these, we have arrived at what we think is the way we will vote. In a few cases, there can even be a toss of the coin.

When one begins to read many of these Amendments, one would certainly be encouraged to vote for or against them on the first few words or even a sentence or two. However, upon reading further, you will understand why a different stance needs to be taken than your first thought. The “bundling” is atrocious. What even makes the writing of these worse is that the changes in thought are not even broken down into two paragraphs, but continue on in hopes you would not read through the Amendments. For example, #6 … “Victim’s Rights” turns in an Amendment that INCLUDES giving our judges an additional 5 years from 70 years of age to 75 on the bench AND they do not need to refer to the State or Federal Constitutions in making their decisions, but can make their interpretation of the ruling on a personal basis. I believe we have enough of that coming from California. So my vote on #6 is a definite “NO”.

We will have our notes and suggestions regarding the 2018 Ballots available at the Shoppe for you to pickup and peruse on Tuesday, October 22. Again, let me reiterate, the way Deena and I are voting are carefully researched decisions. Yours may be to the contrary.

2018 General Ballot

U. S. Senator: Rick Scott

U. S. Representative 3rd District: Ted Yoho

FL Governor & Lieutenant Governor: Ron DeSantis / Jeanette Nunez

Attorney General: Ashley Moody

Chief Financial Officer: Jimmy Petronis

Commissioner of Agriculture: Matt Caldwell

Supreme Court Retentions: YES to all. (All are conservative judges appointed by Rick Scott or Jeb Bush. If any are voted out the next governor will appoint.)

Clay School Board: Ashley Hutchings Gilhousen (Our only hope for a conservative on the board.)

Clay Soil & Water Conservation Group 5: Richard Russell

Florida Constitutional Amendments

Amendment 1: No.

Amendment 2: Yes. This amendment does not affect any Homesteaded Property. This amendment applies to non-homesteaded property such as Business, Apartment Complexes, Rental Properties, Vacation or second homes.

Amendment 3: No. We would lose local control. (What Miami might want is not necessarily what Clay County wants.)

Amendment 4: No. This can already be done on a case by case basis.

Amendment 5: Yes. Anything that makes raising taxes more difficult.

Amendment 6: No. These items should not be bundled. They need to stand on their own merit. Judges need to follow the law not “independently interpret”.

Amendment 7: No. These items should not be bundled. They need to stand on their own merit.

Amendment 9: No. These items should not be bundled. They need to stand on their own merit. Florida needs the revenue and jobs that come from offshore oil and natural gas.

Amendment 10: No. These items should not be bundled. They need to stand on their own merit.

Amendment 11: No. These items should not be bundled. They need to stand on their own merit.

Amendment 12: Yes. Lobbying reform is greatly needed.

Amendment 13: No.

Clay County Charter Amendments

Clay Charter Amendment Commissioner Term Limit: No.

Clay Charter Amendment Salary Provisions: No.

Clay Charter Amendment Constitutional Offices Term Limit: No.

Clay Charter Amendment Revising Appointment of Charter Review Commission: No.

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