Often times when one thinks of Annabelle’s, I believe that very person thinks of this “special” Shoppe where it is easy to find that unique or hard-to-find gift or home accessory, but truly, Annabelle’s is so much more than that.

Annabelle’s is here to help you create a look for a specific room in your home or vacation cottage or perhaps it is your entire home that needs the design talent of Annabelle herself. This talent and Annabelle’s Interior Design Shoppe are sometimes hidden as in many cases the accessories for the walls and table tops are all that is seen. Often times, the accessories almost hide the beautiful table or console or chest that is holding all these fabulous treasures so precisely placed.

So the next time you enter into the wonderland of Annabelle’s, no matter the season, take a moment to notice all the current trends in furniture and upholstery. Right now there are so many new and exciting tables, bar stools, serving pieces, accent furniture and chairs coming into the Shoppe on a daily basis.

Remember, your home is your castle. Sometimes a bold new look, a brand new end table or chair is just what is needed to refresh a special place in your home. So on your next visit to Annabelle’s, take a moment to notice all that is new in home furnishings and accessories knowing that Annabelle can help you translate all this into a look for your castle.